The Old Louisville Neighborhood

The beautiful and historic district of Old Louisville actually started as a suburb in the 1870’s under the name Southern Extension. The name Old Louisville came about in the early 1960’s. The area extends a full 48 blocks containing a significant number of beautiful architectural designs. Many buildings still have the stone pillars complete with authentic lion, gargoyle or pineapple statues from their construction period.

The Old Louisville Neighborhood is the United States’ third largest area of historically preserved homes with the majority being Victorian architecture. Many buildings are composed of brick, featuring styles such as Romanesque, Queen Anne, and Italianate, just to name a few. Many of the buildings also feature elaborate stained glass windows with designs that are truly breathtaking.

The Old Louisville area hosts several interesting yearly events. The renowned Saint James Art Fair is held every October providing shoppers with a wide variety of art mediums to choose from. A large food court with booths from many local establishments is set up for the convenience of hungry art aficionados.
Belgravia Court is home several incredibly preserved and immaculately maintained Victorian buildings, including the Pink Castle. Residents of the courtyard compete in holiday decorating contests that give new meaning to elegance.

The Old Louisville neighborhood is located in the utmost central part of Louisville, Kentucky. The area is conveniently located just north of the University of Louisville main campus and south of downtown. The location itself is ideal for students wanting to be near their classes, or parents who wish to be closer to their children.

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