The Quick Start Story Gallery at the Speed Art Museum

If your family was looking for an entertaining activity in Louisville this weekend, don’t let the weather put a chill in your plans. There are some unique events scheduled that will allow you the comforts of indoors, while breaking the stay-at-home routine.  Consider, for example, the Quick Start Story Gallery at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville.

The Speed Art Museum is a fantastic place for a family experience, and Speed initiated ‘The Quick Start Story Gallery’ in December 2011 to encourage family interaction and creativity. Your family will find this exhibit on the main floor of the museum in the sculpture section and access is covered under the museum’s general admission.

This exciting art gallery was created for family fun with simple features to provide interactive discussions and activities. There will be audio spots accessible via your cell phone, along with hands on activities to help bring the artwork to life in an entirely new perspective.

The Quick Start Story Gallery is a fun filled ‘starter’ gallery that allows you and your children to discover the stories behind the art. The current featured works are provided by James Tissor, Jacob Lawrence, Henry More, Ed Hamilton and a few other artists.

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