The Louisville Zoo Adds Several Attractions

The Louisville Zoo located in exciting Louisville, KY offers visitors more than 1,300 animals housed on 135 acres. It also offers visitors the chance to zip high above the park – as well as splash about below.

In fact the Zoo works hard at offering visitors new attractions – so patrons will keep coming back.

The major new attraction is the Louisville Zoo’s $29 million “Glacier Run,” a 4.3-acre exhibit set up as an imaginary gold-mining town on the edge of the Arctic wilderness. It will offer an “immersive” experience – for example, one feature will be a parked truck where zoo visitors can sit separated by a glass barrier from curious polar bears who can examine the truck.

So far, four phases have opened. They include a splash park, a tundra tiger exhibit and a seal and sea lion habitat exhibit. Coming exhibits include the polar bear and mining town exhibits, a school house for educational use, and a sea eagle and sea otter exhibit.

The goal of Glacier Run echoes the zoo’s philosophy of “bettering the bond between people and our planet,” or teaching people how humans need to coexist with nature. It also echoes another philosophy – have fun while learning.

In addition to the splash park, the Louisville Zoo recently added a zip line feature. This attraction offers visitors a chance to ride 50 feet overhead in a secure harness tethered to an overhead cable. The line runs across the zoo’s lake for 350 feet or a little more than two football fields for a roundtrip between the two cable towers.

Glacier Run joins six other geographic settings within the zoo: The Islands, African Veldt, Asian Plains, North and South America Panorama, Aquatics and the Australian Outback.

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