Star Trek – The Exhibition Comes to the Louisville Science Center

We’ll make no “Bones” about it – a cool exhibit for Trekkies comes to Louisville in January.

The Louisville Science Center is hosting “Star Trek: The Exhibition” – a show featuring sets, costumes, props and other items from the Star Trek television series and the Star Trek movies. The exhibition is divided into topic galleries emphasizing themes of science that the creators of Star Trek explored on screen.

Themes include exploration, medicine, communication, and space travel. The kinds of things visitors will actually see include:

  • Captain Kirk’s captain’s chair, from the original television series
  • A Starfleet medical center from the movie Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • A Transporter Room
  • A Tricorder (used to assess the composition of unfamiliar areas)
  • The handheld Communicator
  • Actual show and movie costumes, models and props.

(While Captain Kirk – er, William Shatner – regularly comes to Kentucky for American Saddlebred Horse events, no personal public appearances are scheduled. The horse events take place a few months after this exhibit is scheduled to close.)

The Louisville Science Center is also hosting “An Evening Aboard the Enterprise” Jan. 22 – the night before the exhibit opens. The tiered fundraiser will offer patrons a chance to tour the exhibit before it opens, as well as play laser tag and watch an IMAX movie. Tickets for that event start at $25.

From Jan. 23 through May 22, tickets to enter the Science Center and visit the Star Trek exhibit will be $14 to $18, depending on one’s age.

When in town for the Star Trek Exhibition, please visit Louisville, KY Real Estate for more information about the local area.

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