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What Happens During A Real Estate Closing in Kentucky?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a real estate closing in Kentucky? Mr. Harry Borders of Borders and Borders Attorneys sits down with us to answer your questions. Continue reading

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Louisville, KY Real Estate Market Statistics

The Jefferson County, KY PVA office has published a new report on the Louisville, KY Real Estate Market Statistics. It offers a factual, detailed analysis of the market affecting Louisville. Continue reading

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FHA Loans Gain Advantages Over Conventional Mortgages

With dramatic changes to the lending industry being brought about because of the sub-prime crisis, FHA loans are gaining significant advantages over conventional loans for certain borrowers. Continue reading

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Homeowners are Turning to Metal Roofing

Long a staple of the construction industry, composition shingles are now having to compete with more durable and longer-lasting metal shingles. Read this article to learn more about metal roofing. Continue reading

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Staging Your Louisville, KY Home to Sell!

Professional home staging is a wonderful way to prepare your home to sell. It could save you significant amounts of time and money, all for a minimal investment! Continue reading

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